Mainstream Media vs. Porn  - What's The Difference?
Wednesday September 24th, 2003 -  6:43 PM MDT

Recent discussions on a couple places I frequent have me wondering what IS the difference between a music video and a porn movie.  I mean THINK ABOUT IT.  When you have MEGASTARS like Brittney Spears (sp?) bearing it all in front of HUNDREDS at at an auditorium and MILLIONS at home watching on TV coupled with the recent kiss between Madonna and Brittney in a recent music video AND the fact that MORE AND MORE ex-porn stars are entering the "mainstream media" arena (Actress/Ex-Porn diva Traci Lords being the latest), how long do you think it will be before we start seeing actual porn scenes in Hollywood big screen movies?

Columnist Al Lewis of the Denver Post wrote in the Sunday Edition of his column the following commentary in his piece on putting LOCKS on music CDs....

"The music industry always has profited from dark and socially irresponsible motifs: rappers who promote cop killings; rockers who glorify illicit sex and drugs; metalheads who just can't sing enough kind words for Satan.".

Although the column was aimed at the issue of file sharing, one has to begin to wonder WHEN the ENTIRE entertainment industry will GET ITS HEAD OUT OF THE FUCKING SAND and either remove ALL such explicit material from EVERYTHING we see and hear OR embrace it and let PARENTS decide what's suitable for their children.

My virtual "buddy"(I like to call him that because I like to think we happen to think pretty much alike  :-)), Sean Kennedy at Rant Radio has often said that TV just isn't "real".  Of course it isn't.  That's because TV, like the rest of the entertainment industry, HAS ITS HEAD BURIED IN THE SAND.  They prefer to WATER DOWN what actually takes place.  A good example is when two people are in a "love-making" scene on a soap opera, they call it just that.  But in reality, they're going through the motions of HAVING SEX!!!    Does the soap get cancelled?  NO.

But when Ellen DeGeneres admitted during her first show that the was a lesbian, her show got the axe almost IMMEDIATELY.  And when Rosie O' Donnell later did the same thing, I tend to think she was COERCED into quitting her show.  I've often wondered what would happen to Oprah Winfrey if SHE announced that SHE was a lesbian.  Would SHE be given the same treatment?  In all likelihood, probably so.

But when it comes to Actress Sharon Stone, THEY ALREADY KNOW SHE CAME FROM THE PORN INDUSTRY!!!!  Yet movie studios and directors aren't hesistant to hire HER.  It's funny how HYPOCRITICAL the entertainment industry can be, isn't it.

A recent discussion in the Winamp Forums here truly depics the socialogical debating we do on this issue.  I mention this because there's now some concern by a handful of people within the Winamp Community that Winamp's new Nullsoft Streaming Video platform will become a haven for those who want to set up porn streams.  I say THERE ALREADY ARE porn streams up and running.  Just open up Winamp 2.91 or greater and hit ALT L.  Then click on the Internet TV genre.  From there, just pick practically any of the stations playing music videos and you'll see what I mean.

Add to this the STRANGLEHOLD the entertainment industry has on old TV shows and look where that leave Internet TV.  Internet TV stations such as this one must either produce ORIGINAL content, pick up other content from other Internet TV stations such as  Sean Kennedy's TV Station or air PORN CLIPS.  It's just that simple.

Boy, this entry has me all blogged out for now folks.  Time to put a wrapper on this and post it.  :-)

Cheers for now  :-)


I'm MOVING (Well....sort of  :-))
Tuesday September 23rd , 2003 - 5:26 PM  MDT

Well after MONTHS of trying to put off the inevitable, I was recently told that I either had to move out of my one bedroom apartment (due to my housekeeping problems, which is a LONG story which too lengthy for a blog) or move into a studio apartment if I wanted to stay where I'm at now as far as where my snail mail goes.

Faced with this ultimatum (not to mention a LEASE RENEWAL to boot), I chose the latter.  I was offered one on the 1st floor, which would be great as far as walking is concerned, but as far as some of my hobbies (one of them being a Ham Radio Operator are concerned, I may as well be UNDERNEATH the building (RF doesn't travel very far if it's confined to a ground level apartment  :-( ).  Given this scenario, I told the manager that I'd take the 1st floor apartment if nothing else was available, but I'd much prefer something on one of the upper floors (I'm on the top floor, which is the 9th flooor now).

Luckily, my only phone is a cell phone, so I won't be out of touch with the outside world.  However I'm gonna have to get my cable service (which includes the Internet) transferred as soon as possible once I know for certain when I'll be moving into the new apartment.  Early guesstimate is I'll be able to start moving in as early as the middle of next month, though I doubt that will be written in stone just yet.  I'll also have to notify the Post Office as well as just about everyone else I do business with (at least those who need to know) of the apartment change.  I'm also luckily as this won't affect my ability to vote in the upcoming November election (it's a mail-in election with a ballot here in Colorado full of referendum measures and other ammendments.  Nothing which will really draw a large voter turnout), though I'll have to send in a change of address when I mail my ballot and follow that up with a trip to the DMV to get a new ID or a sticker put on the back of my current one (Being an experienced Election Judge here in Denver County, I know that if I don't do it this way, it'd be just my luck for it to be an issue during the Presidential Primary.  I see it all the time while sitting at the polling place and hear other people's stories.  Really quite fascinating - NOT).

Speaking of judging elections, how many of YOU have done this?  It's one of THE most important roles of our electoral process!!!  Why, without us JUDGES, the election officials would have to DO IT THEMSELVES!!!  And you know how much THAT would cost.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand, I'll try to keep you all posted on this.  I'll also try to post a quick blog entry the day before (if not then, maybe in the wee hours of the morning of moving day itself, which is likely to be the case  :-( ).  I doubt I'll post about anything else during this period (unless another 9/11 happens - heaven forbid of course  :-}).

Well....time to the wrapper on this one and post it.  Cheers for now  :-)


P.S.:  If I can, I'll try to get my hands on a camcorder to record the event.  This way, I can make a video blog out of it.  :-)  That would be so cool  :-)

Fulfilling "The Need"
Monday September 22nd, 2003 - 12:54 AM MDT

I know I said on Friday I would be doing a blog on SPAM email as Saturday's blog (a double-blog will be made this week - I promise!).  Well, as luck would have it, the desire to fulfill "the need" got in the way of those plans and wouldn't let up (yes, I went through the whole day with lewd [READ - SEX] images swirling in my head).  Do you ever get that feeling?  Yeah, yeah....I know what a lot of you out there are saying.  You saying things like "Pat, my dear friend, you need a WOMAN in your life" or something like "There ARE just some things you just don't blog about".

But think about it.  If ya cant "get it" the natural way (i.e. with a partner you love) and "get it" SAFELY (i.e. NONE of the SLUTTY BITCH WHORES (Yes, I will call 'em that) who hang out on [for you Colorado Bloggers out there] East Colfax at night), then HOW ELSE can you "get it" that won't give you an STD or land you in jail?

Simple.  You put on a porn clip (either on your TV or PC) and DO IT YOURSELF.

THIS is what I was doing ALL DAY Saturday and part of today.  Ugh...I *hate* this feeling.  Even the most hardcore clips I have weren't enough to break the ice.    :-(

Oh well.  You know what they say about the 3rd try.  :-)  *crossing fingers*

But I take comfort in knowing that some people WILL go to great lengths to "cure themselves".  We see many of them on the news labeled either as CHILD MOLESTERS or other SEXUAL PREDATORS.  THOSE people SHOULD be locked up (either in a mental institution or prison).  And unfortunately, many of them use the power of the Internet (and target our kids  :-( ).


Anyways....I just wanted to let you all know why my blog on SPAM email hasn't been posted yet while, at the same time, vent a little frustration over my current need.  There's really nothing anyone can do (except offer a little sympathy perhaps? :-}).  It's just something I'm just gonna have to ride out.

Till next time....  :-)


The Fast Food Industry - Getting FAT At OUR  Expense?
Friday September 19th, 2003 - 5:06 PM MDT

Now that I've figured out HOW to blog correctly (I admit yesterday's blog (posted below) didn't look very good in terms of layout compared to other blogs in the various rings), today's blog will be kinda lengthy as I've got quite a few things on my mind.  As such, I'm sure I'm gonna be blogging quite a lot, maybe more than once a day (I am a liberal Democrat who doesn't pull punches  :-)).  I'm also looking at making use of my webcam and making "video blogs" as well so I can show my emotion in each entry.  :-)

In the meantime, WHERE OH WHERE do I start?  I may as well start with my first bite of food for today (not to mention the downsizing of the fast food industry).  Today, I went to Wendy's in an effort to save some $$$ which I would ordinary spend (or should I $pend?) at Subway.  I ordered a Taco Supremo, some chicken strips, and a biggie diet coke (I much prefer Diet Pepsi as it tastes better  :-)).  What's the big deal you say?  Well....How you YOU like it if you spent THREE DOLLARS on a grand total of THREE chicken strips.

That's right.  I said THREE chicken strips.

I said to myself there's more strips of chicken in the display ad than there are in front of me.  But knowing that I still had the Taco Supremo (which fills me up quite nicely I might add  :-)) and the Diet Coke and knowing that there were people who would be blessed to have those three chicken strips, I didn't complain (at least not in a way which might either get me kicked out of the restaurant or arrested  :-)).  I ate my food and left a happy customer (even though I was $8.91 poorer in the process).

Speaking of the price I paid, is it just me or is the price of fast food going up?  I've noticed this at Subway, but then too its expected there because of the various subs and breads they offer.  But you would think a place like Wendy's would offer more HEALTHY meal combinations.  I was offered one with the Taco Supremo, but I chose to get a biggie coke instead of a regular size one and got the chicken strips as well.  My guess is the clerk who took my order probably did NOT charge me for the combo meal and added them as seperate items instead.  I dunno.  But gee whiz.  Before we all know it, a value meal (no matter what the restaurants call it) will soon cost $10 like the pizzarias are charging now (and HAVE been charging for years.

Speaking of the pizzarias, WHY is it they charge more for ONE pizza than the a place like Wendy's would charge for their stuff FOR AN ENTIRE FAMILY??  I don't get it.  Would someone in the pizza industry care to explain this to me?  (I'll soon be setting up a method in which you can post your response to each of my blogs).

The reason I bring this up is because I recently saw a report on Fox News  showing what McDonald's is doing to encourage healthy eating among adults (it was a feature on an adult version of the "Happy Meal" which has a salad as one of the items).  There was speculation that McDonald's was on a "health food drive" to stem the tide of lawsuits being filed by people who claim they got fat because of what McDonald's and other fast food chains offer (and were dumb enough to eat EN MASSE).

This got me wondering.  IF McDonald's wwas SERIOUS about encouraging healthy eating habits, WHY don't they substitute a salad in place of that HAMBURGER they put in kids' Happy Meals??  Could it be that they fear they'll lose business if they do??  If so, I've got a wake up call to them.


This is because parents are either brown bagging their kid's lunch or are ponying up more $$$ for the school lunch program so the kids are fed in the school cafeteria.  Either way you look at it, they're skipping McDonald's altogether.

I could could go on and on about this whole fast food thing, but I'm sure you get the gist of it by now.  It was just a timing thing since I hadn't posted my (hopeful) daily blog yet.  See ya tomorrow.  :-)


Speaking of tomorrow....Tomorrow's topic will be on SPAM (the kind you get in email, not the kind you eat).  Stay tuned.

Cheers for now  :-)


My First Attempt At Blogging
Thursday September 18th, 2003 - 7:52 AM MDT

Hi everyone:

                This is just a test blog to see how this all workks (personally I can do the same thing simply by creating
                an HTML page with Netscape Composer and naming it something like blog.html ).

                There's nothing really fancy about it. I mean afterall, it's just an HTML page.

                This is just yet ANOTHER way these desperate DOT BOMB companies are managing to stay in business.
                They think that if they can get the public to believe that blog is another protocol instead of what ir
                REALLY is (which is just a simple HTML page which conveys the thoughts of the poster), they can survive
                and ride out the meltdown caused (predominately) by 9/11 and the Bush Administration.

                Can you believe some of these companies actually CHARGE for this??? It's INSANE. I prefer  video (or at
                least audio) MUCH better. That IS why I host a talk show, ya know (even though I haven't done a show
                since 9/11). :-) You can't beat an audio or video blog.

                Well....So much for a "test" blog I guess. :-)

                Anyhow, keep an eye on THIS SPACE RIGHT HERE as I will use this space to convey my thoughts on just
                about ANYTHING under the sun (I'm a Liberal Democrat :-)). It'll also be used for my upcoming TV show
                called "Stupid Stuff", which will be on the website my VERY OWN Internet TV station,   Jeeper One Television
                Network  when relaunched) as I'll create a section SPECIFICALLY for that show alone. :-)

                In the meantime....Stay tuned! :-)

                Cheers for now my friends :-)

                Pat Cook
                Denver, Colorado