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This page is devoted to links mentioned in blog entries.  It will also list other links which I believe to be of interests as well (even if I don't blog on them till later on  :-)).  Links are posted according to blog post date.

Tuesday November 11th, 2003

                                 Take Back The Media

Thursday September 25th, 2003

Monday September  22nd, 2003

I know these three links are pretty scary to look at.  Can ANYONE imagine being a fan of Bill O" Reilly AND Joe Scarborough??  Well....*I* am (and DARNED PROUD OF IT TOO!  :-)).

About these links

We all know about The O'Reilley Factor and scarborough Country, but almost NO ONE knows about The Sean Kennedy Show, but I will try to describe it by describing the show's host (based on my impressions of course).  :-)

Sean Kennedy is a canadian who shoots straight from the hip.  He doesn't pull any punches.  He's known as The FUCKIN' Man. And this is with good reason.  That's because he *doesn't* fuck around when it comes to expressing his opinion.  Sure, he's an activist.  Who isn't these days?  With Radio and TV in the dumps and with the world in political turmoil, the world NEEDS someone like Sean to put things into perspective.  He uses his radio station Rant Radio, is used for rants as well as other indie content.  You'll find a link to the Rant Radio website on The Sean Kennedy Show website.

I wouldn't put up any of these links if I didn't believe they were worthwhile.  Enjoy  :-)

Cheers for now  :-)