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This video REQUIRES Winamp 5, which you can download here

You will also need to download the basic VP6 video codec.  To download the codec, click the link below

This is a LIVE  Video feed of what's going on inside the KPDC Internet TV studios RIGHT NOW!!!   It may also show special video programming on KPDC Internet TV however when there is no programming (see the schedule at the page below), this page will show activity of whatever is going on inside the KPDC Internet TV studios at any given moment.  You should also be able to HEAR  what's going on as well (at least to some extent) HOWEVER  there WILL  be time times in which you NOT  hear ANYTHING  at all.

This is for a variety of reasons.

Should this occur, you will still be able to see the video, but the audio will be muted.  If you get a broken graphic or you cannot connect to the server, this means the video is NOT  online at all.  If this should occur, simply come back later and the cam should be back online.

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